Pranic Psychotherapy


In this 1-day course, we bring the puzzle pieces together. Learn about the psychological functions of the chakras and how to treat psychological disorders with Pranic Healing.

You can take Pranic Psychotherapy after you have taken Advanced Pranic Healing.


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In this course, body and mind come together. Where in the Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing we focused on the physical we continue with the psychological in the Pranic Psychotherapy.

Among other things, we study the psychological functions of the chakra and expand our knowledge of the anatomy of the chakras. You will learn to treat all kinds of psychological complaints with Pranic Healing. For instance: traumas, obsessions, compulsions, phobias, depression and addictions.



March 31, 2024, Other Date, Oct. 29, 2023, April 9, 2023